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Auto Insurance

In order to meet the requirements by the state, your policy must have $25,000 for injury or death of one person in an accident and $50,000 of coverage for all persons injured in one accident. It must also have $20,000 for property damage liability.

Choosing a Car Insurance Policy in Illinois

While you have to have the minimums, there is other coverage and limits that you should consider. Comprehensive coverage will protect your car if it is damaged in a non-collision event, such as by vandalism or weather. Collision coverage will cover damages that are related to an accident, even if you cause the accident. If you are leasing or financing your car, you may be required to have both types of coverage. Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage can help if you are involved in an accident with a driver who doesn’t have insurance or not enough insurance, even though it is required in the state.

Choosing how much coverage you need can depend on the type of car you have, where you live, and how much you can afford to pay out of pocket. If your car is brand new, you may want to increase your coverage in order to protect your investment. If you drive a large SUV or truck, you may also want to have higher limits since these vehicles can cause more damages in accidents. If you live in a big city, fender benders could be more common, but if you live in the country, you could run the risk of hitting an animal.

You want to consider the risk of an accident when determining how much coverage you should have. Determining how much you can pay out of pocket will help you assess your deductible. A higher deductible on your insurance will mean that your premiums will be lower. Although, you will have to pay more if you do get into an accident. An agent at Presidential Insurance Agency can help you determine coverage based on your needs.

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